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"Hello there, fans," said the intrepid adventurer. He had just walked through Sainsbury's and survived!

.....no one answered.

"I wonder why nobody has answered me," wondered the intrepid adventurer. As well as being intrepid, he had a very quick eye and was very observant.

Suddenly, with his quick and observant eye, the intrepid adventurer noticed that there were no people around. That explained why nobody had replied to his greeting.

"Ah!" the intrepid adventurer remarked. "There are no people around. That explains why nobody has replied to my greeting!"

He had a quick brain, too.

All of a sudden, an excited bark rang out.

"My word!" said the intrepid adventurer; "I do perceive an excited bark."


Rover wasn't a dog to beat about the bush: he could recognise a jerk a mile off and he knew that where there was a jerk there was bound to be an easily begotten meal. So, when he saw jerk no. 57 appear from te door of Sainsbury's, he put on his loopiest face, gave his customary excited bark and galloped up to it.

"Arrgh!" remarked the intrepid adventurer as he realized Rover had appeared on the scene.

"A wolf has appeared on the scene."

But the intrepid adventurer was not scared: he was too intrepid to be intimidated by huge, one-and-a-half feet hight, hairy wolves, particularly ones with loopy faces!

He took off his rucksack with great presence of mind and threw it at rover. The rucksack was full of Sainsbury's foodstuffs.

"Have my Sainsbury's foodstuffs which my rucksack is full of", the intrepid adventurer ordered the 'wolf' in a hoarse voice.

Rover began to like the jerk so much that he decided to christen him.

"I shall call him 'Heinz', because he's jerk no. 57", he said to himself as he opened the rucksack.

"While the wolf is thus involved, I shall perform the most famous battle manouvre" said the intrepid adventurer. He then performed the famous battle manouvre, known as--the Hasty Retreat.

When Rover had opened the jerk's rucksack (when you've got teeth instead of fingers it takes a long time) he discovered 5 tins of expensive and delicious-looking soup. Which would have been great if he'd had a tin-opener.