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Proofreading test answers

1. Comma before 'and'.
2. Film title--italics.
3. Change 'and' to 'with'.
4. semicolon should be colon. Apostrophe, didn't.
5. Commas before 'ands'. Commas after pyjamas & shirts--semicolons. *Remove 'and' before 'blue'.
6. Lets--let's. It's rainy--ing. F.S.--colon. We--we. Dogs--dog's. Or put as Npgph.
7. Effectively murdering. Gibberish.
8. 'Says that' or inverted commas. (Cap. L, lit?)
9. Small 'T'. Too many ellipses. F-S inside parenth.
10. Small 'e'--Everest. Parenth, "she--athlete".
11. Walk--context of talk. They also learn--new sentence. '& also'.
12. Comma--s-c. Put com after h'ur.
13. Therefore, start of a sentence.
14. Comm b4 'is'.
15. ?why--?Why (new sent) / put 'only' before what stole. and.
16. Comma--col. Col--f-s.
17. 'Them'--whom refers? Colon, not F-S.
18. e.g.--put 'for example'.
19. Get rid listy stuff--colon; '(a)', etc; S-C's (use coms); coms (use parenth).
20. Gibberish! 2Whom 'they' rfr. Specify. 'So' start sentence.